From Avid Runner to Lifting Enthusiast w. guest Lauren Dorschied

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Podcast

On today’s episode I chatted with Lauren Dorschied, Massage Therapist, Mom, fitness enthusiast and foodie. We dove into what keeps her motivated, the evolution of her fitness journey and how moving down south gave her the permission to find a new love for lifting.

Lauren grew up in a house of runners with both of her parents being avid marathoners so she was no stranger to the local races and power bars as the go-to snack. And now as a Mom to two girls she is setting the same example by prioritizing her workouts into the everyday routine of the household. Lauren uses the example of giving her daughters a heads up if she plans on working out that afternoon after they get home from school so that they are well aware in advance of the day’s agenda. She says prioritizing her workouts also helps her fully commit and put her energy into family time afterwards.

We unpacked that overall feeling of mom-guilt we all tend to feel at times when we choose to spend time on ourselves and Lauren made a great point to say that we should tune into those feelings! If you’re really feeling like you should be spending quality time with the family instead of working out, then give yourself permission to shorten up the workout so that you can get back to the space where your heart and mind really want to be at the moment.

One of Lauren’s tips to get started or stay consistent is finding a type of fitness that you feel excited about. Maybe it’s walking, running, lifting, stretching. In the end, it’s about finding 20 minutes in the day to do something that feels GOOD for your body.

We talked about the comparison trap, the mindset most people have around rest days and how to make your workouts work for you.

Lauren’s biggest tips for How To Make Fit Work are:

Find enjoyment in your exercise and your food
Be flexible
Pay attention to your body. What do you want to eat? How does your body want to move? What sounds good to you?
Stop comparing yourself to anyone.
Lauren’s fitness and nutrition journey has evolved so much over the years, Lauren noted, “in fitness…you can outgrow certain things” while she was explaining how her fitness journey has changed. From 5ks in high school to following in her parent’s footsteps as a marathoner and now lifting enthusiast with a sprinkle of running.

We also dove deep into different forms of dieting and mindset blocks that Lauren has found her way around and now in a place where she is feeling her best.

I hope you’ll tune in to listen to the full episode and walk away with some good nuggets to help guide you in your own personal journey