Guide to Macro Counting with Elise Tzurkov

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Podcast

On today’s episode I chat with my friend and colleague, Elise Tzurkov. Elise has been working in the fitness and health profession for 20 years and focuses on macro nutrition and the female metabolism. She is also a person trainer, college instructor, and mom of 3. Elise is also a Type 1 Diabetes mentor and ambassador, and full time pancreas to her son with Type 1.

We dive deep into how her son’s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes opened her up to the world of insulin and our body’s production and response to it which lead her to Macro Tracking for her and eventually her clients.

Elise breaks down for us the important difference between tracking macros versus calories, and why in fact so many people get better longer lasting results by tracking macros instead of calories.

We unpack what types of foods make up our daily macronutrients, how to calculate the right amount for ourselves and how to use it as a tool in your health & fitness journey.

Elise provides clients with a FREE How-To Macro Guide that you can sign-up for here, Sign up to receive your FREE guide on How To Macro

Or if you want to reach out to Elise about getting started with Macro Tracking, you can find her on Instagram at

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