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 I help busy women get the most out of their time with full support at every fitness stage.

Why Online Fitness Training is Perfect for Busy Moms

Do you struggle to find the time to workout?
Do you find it difficult to get on a consistent schedule?

If so, you’re not alone!

The HIIT & Lift programs allow you to get it done on your time! Whether that be early morning, in-between meetings or while dinner is in the oven…you can get your workout in anytime! No more relying on class schedules or working around the availability of others. The convenience of online training has helped my clients go from an average of two workouts a week to a consistent 4x/week!

What You Get with Our Online Program – HIIT& Lift

This 12-week online group program is designed to help you burn body fat and build lean muscle tone in just 30 min. It’s the perfect mix of Cardio & Strength in one workout!

Who’s it for:

This program is perfect for anyone who has previous workout experience and feels comfortable working out on their own but wants a structured program that is easy to follow. If you find yourself wasting time at the gym, doing the same ole workouts, or overall unsure of what to do in order to get the results you’re looking for….this program is for you!

What you need:
Just 30 min, two sets of dumbbells and access to a smartphone or tablet.

I typically recommend dumbbells in the light to moderate range (5lbs to 10lbs) and a heavier set (12lbs – 25lbs).

How it works:

This program runs for 12-weeks and is delivered via the FITwithNina app, so that you can workout anytime, anywhere! Once you’ve been invited to join the program after signing up, you’ll be able to open your training program, hit start on your very first workout and go! Each exercise includes instructional videos and options to track your progress.Unlike other online fitness apps, I’ll know when and if you’re showing up! It’s like having me in your back pocket.

Program includes three signature HIIT & LIFT workouts a week and one BONUS workout. The workouts will continue to progress and change each week so that you never get bored or have to worry about hitting a plateau!

I’ll also be dropping into the group with options for LIVE weekly virtual workouts with me so that I can give you real-time feedback and coaching.

Are you ready to burn fat and build lean muscle in just 30min?! 

Next round starts June 5th – Sign-up NOW: $279