Your Self Worth is Not Dependent on Your Size with Christine Braneli

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Podcast

On this episode, I interview Christine Braneli, a mother of 2 young adult kids. She has 29 years combined experienced as a chiropractor, beauty salon owner and business owner and is now out of private practice and working at the intersection of health and beauty; helping women glow from the inside-out.

Christine spent years working in the fitness/health/beauty industries constantly striving towards an ideal image.  Rigid diet restrictions and excessive exercise to keep her looking in a way that she along with many people thought represented overall health & beauty.  It wasn’t until Christine’s daughter who struggled with a severe eating disorder was in recovery, did she herself realize, she ALSO had disordered eating and a less severe case of body dysmporphia.

Chrisitine, now uses this experience to help women feel beautiful from the inside-out by un-tieing their self worth from their size.   You can connect with Christine on IG at